Designed primarily for the window and glazing industry, these small horse shoe styled packers are used extensively throughout the building and construction industry. They assist with the levelling and packing of commercial shop fronts, cabinets, windows, doors, jambs and many other applications. All window packers are tried and proven in the field and have been fully tested for load bearing and compression.
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    BFPACKBUCK Window Packers Mixed Bucket 50/Size 4
    WINPK15 Window Packers 1.5mm x 75mm White Pk800 4
    WINPK100 Window Packers 10.0mm x 75mm Black Bk200 6
    WINPK32 Window Packers 3.2mm x 75mm Blue Pk200 4
    WINPK50 Window Packers 5.0mm x 75mm Red Pk400 4
    WINPK64 Window Packers 6.4mm x 75mm Green Pk300 5