Combining a mixture of coconut natural fibres and a latex coating, basket liners are long lasting,
    Non-formed, enabling them to be used for all sorts of hanging baskets and pots.
    Long lasting natural co-co fibres with latex coating
    Great value
    Ideal for lining hanging baskets and pots

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    BLINER250 Basket Flat Liner 250mm 50
    BLINER300 Basket Flat Liner 300mm 50
    BLINER350 Basket Flat Liner 350mm 50
    BLINER400 Basket Flat Liner 400mm 50
    BLINER450 Basket Flat Liner 450mm 50
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    PLABEL Plant Labels 125mm (50) 450
    TLABEL Tee Labels 125mm (10) 450
    A strong plastic 10L watering can for Home gardeners for regular watering and fertilising.
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    WCANGAL Galvanised Watering Can 9L 4
    YWCAN9L Yates Plastic Watering Can 9L Green 6
    YWCAN15 Yates Plastic Watering Can 1.5L Green 10
    WCAN9 Plastic Watering Can 9L with Rose 10

    Beehive style hanging wire basket with moulded coco fibre type liner
    Basket: Powder coated green, sturdy construction
    Liner: Coco fibre type, fully moulded
    Powder coated green steel construction with attached chain for convenient use,
    Hanging baskets are perfect for low maintenance planting around your outdoor living space.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    BASK450 Wire Hanging Basket Green 450mm 12
    BASK350 Wire Hanging Basket Green 350mm 12
    BASK400 Wire Hanging Basket Green 400mm 12
    BASK250 Wire Hanging Basket Green 250mm 12
    BASK300 Wire Hanging Basket Green 300mm 12