NETA BARB TAP FITTING Fits 12mm hose and screws onto threaded taps. Hose clamp is included.
    Features the Neta Multi-Fit hose clamp

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NTRA14 Screw Tap 20mm Tap 6
    NTRB15 Screw Tap 25mm Tap 6
    NTRNL44 Deluxe Hose Connector 12mm Barbed Tail 6
    NTRNL55 Deluxe Hose Connector 18mm Barbed Tail 6

    NETA TAP ADAPTOR fits 12mm click-on hose connectors.
    Screws onto ¾” tap outlets.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NTNL01B Screw Tap Adaptor 20mm Tap 6
    NTNL02B Spray Adaptor ¼ BSP 6
    NTNL035B Hose Coupler Click on 18mm High Flow 6
    NTNL03B Hose Coupler Click on 12mm 6
    NTNL055B Screw Tap Adaptor 25mm 6
    NTNL05B Screw Tap Adaptor 25mm Tap 6
    NTNL06B Spray Adaptor 1/16 American 6
    NTNL11B Spray Adaptor ¾ BSP 6
    NTNL23B Plain Tap Adaptor 15mm PlainTap 6
    NTNL44 Deluxe Hose Connector 12mm Click On 6
    NTNL55 Deluxe Hose Connector 18mm Click On 6
    NTNL85B Spray Adaptor ¾ BSP C/O 6
    NTNLJ6 Brass Jet Nozzle 12mm 6
    NTNLS41EZ Hose Set 12mm Hose inc. nozzle 6
    NTNLS47 Neta Brass Jumbo Nozzle 6

    NETA FANJET SPIKE SPRINKLER Popular and economical half-circle sprays.
    Spray coverage up to 2.6m radius.
    Connects to 12mm click-on fittings.
    Discharge at 175kPa is 11Lpm.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NTNLS92B FanJet Spike Spray 12mm Click On 6
    NTSS8202A Fountain Sprinkler Carded 5
    NTSSC10 Metal Oscillating Sprinkler 16 Jet 6
    NTST400 Jumbo Nozzle ¾ BSP 6
    NTBUNIT3P Brass 3 Way Tap 25mm 5
    NTSM1010 Impulse Sprinkler On Wheel Base 10
    NTSB6200 Stratus Butterfly Sprinkler 4

    Neta 3/4 BSP Hose Director Fits 12mm hose and screws into
    sprinklers, sprays or guns.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NTA114 Director 12mm Hose ¾ BSP 6
    NTA14 Screw Tap 12mm Hose 20mm Tap 6
    NTA234 Plain Tap 12mm Hose ½ Tap 6
    NTA34 Hose Repairer 12mm Hose 6
    NTA54 Screw Tap 12mm Hose 25mm Tap 6
    NTB145 Screw Tap 18mm Hose 20mm Tap 6
    NTB15 Screw Tap 18mm Hose 25mm Tap 6
    NTB35 Hose Repairer 18mm Hose 6
    NTB95 Director 18mm Hose ¾ BSP 6

    With the GARDENA Angled Tap Connector, the GARDENA System connection of a hose to the tap is possible. The connector can be rotated and swivelled. This prevents kinking and twisting of the hose at the tap. The water can always flow unobstructed and the hose is not damaged. It is also ideally suited for use on the Hose Trolley. The Tap Connector is suited for taps with 33.3 mm (G 1

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NXG1124 Gardena Washer Replacement Kit 12mm/18mm 20
    NXG2999 Gardena 1-3/4 Angled Swivel Hose 10
    NXG922 Gardena 1/16 American Adaptor 20
    NXG924 Gardena Tap Adaptor 12mm Tap 20
    NXG930 Gardena Tap Adaptor 18mm Tap 20
    NXG931 Gardena Hose Coupling 12mm 20
    NXG934 Gardena Three Way Hose Coupling 10
    NXG942 Gardena Hose Connect 12mm Control Valve 10
    NXG901 Gardena Tap Nut Adaptor 3/4 taps 18201 25
    NXG902 Gardena Tap Nut Adaptor 25mm 18202 20
    NXG913 Gardena 12mm Hose Connector Stop Valve 15
    NXG915 Gardena 12mm Hose Connector Tail 18215 24
    NXG916 Gardena 18mm Hose Connector Tail 20
    NXG920 Gardena ¼ BSP Adaptor 25
    NXG921 Gardena ¾ BSP Adaptor 20
    NXG920B Gardena ¼ BSP Adaptor Bulk 25
    NXG18281 Gardena 12mm Hose Connector Set 6
    NXG18283 Gardena 12mm Coupling Set 10
    NXG18292 Gardena 12mm Basic Hose Set 10
    G18214 Gardena Water Stop Hose Connector 19mm 12
    G18233 Gardena 18mm Hose Joiner/Repairer 20
    G18210-20 Gardena Adapter For Indoor Taps 10
    G18232-35 Gardena 12mm Hose Joiner/Repairer 20

    The GARDENA Classic Adjustable Jet Nozzle is the trusted watering nozzle. Continuously adjustable from hard jet to fine mist.


    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NXG932B Gardena Bulk 12mm Hose Joiner/Repairer 20
    NXG941B Gardena Bulk Adjustable Jet Nozzle 15
    NXG902B Gardena Bulk 25mm Tap Nut Adaptor 25
    NXG913B Gardena Bulk 12mm Hose Connect Stop 25
    NXG914B Gardena Bulk 12/18mm Hose Connector Stop 25
    NXG915B Gardena Bulk 12mm Hose Connector Tail 50

    The GARDENA Maxi-Flo Tap Nut Adaptor is ideal in connection with longer hoses or for use with pumps.
    It creates the connection between the hose connected by a hose connector and the tap. The Maxi-Flo Tap Nut Adaptor is simply screwed onto the tap.
    It fits a tap with 3/4

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NXG2801 Tap Nut Adaptor 12mm Maxi Flo 5
    NXG2802 Tap Nut Adaptor 18mm Maxi Flo 5
    NXG2816 Hose Connector Tail 18mm Maxi Flo 10
    NXG2818 Adjustable Jet Nozzle Maxi Flo 5
    NXG2819 Hose Connect 18mm Control Valve MaxiFlo 10
    NXG2821 ¾ BSP Adaptor Maxi Flo 5
    NXG2830 Reducing Coupling 18mm to 12mm Maxi Flo 5
    NXG2831 Hose Coupling Maxi Flo 5
    NXG2833 Three Way Union 18mm Maxi Flo 6
    NXG2834 Three Way Union 18mm to 12mm Maxi Flo 5
    NXG2840 MaxiFlo Washer Replacement Kit 10
    NXG2847 MaxiFlow Spray Nozzle 4
    NXG2850 MaxiFlo Basic Hose set 12mm & 18mm Taps 5
    NXG941 Adjustable Jet Nozzle 10
    G18311 Trigger Gun Classic Soft Spray/Flow Cont 5
    G18301-20 Gardena Trigger Gun Nozzle 5
    G18332-25 Gardena Classic Adj Spray Wand 75cm 5
    G18334-25 Gardena Comfort Spray Wand 90cm 5
    G18323 Gardena Comfort Cleaning Sprayer 5
    G18336 Gardena Premium Spray Wand 6

    The GARDENA SchnippSchnapp Scissors are perfectly suited for both the kitchen and the garden. The specially ground stainless steel blades are ideal for cutting flowers, herbs, cord, florist wire, cardboard and plastic.

    The blades are rust-free and are dishwasher-safe making them easy to keep clean. They are food-safe and therefore are not harmful to humans and will not affect the smell or taste of the food.

    These bypass scissors are suitable for both left- and right-handed people and since both blade and counter blade penetrate simultaneously this results in a clean cut which is less harmful to the plants. The soft components on the handles guarantee a secure grip whilst reducing fatigue.

    They are made in Germany and come with a 25-year warranty.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NXG8704 Scissors Multi Purpose H/D Metal Schnipp 10
    G8738 Gardena Combisystem Garden Saw 6
    G3099 Gardena Combisystem Plastic Adj Rake 5
    G3100 Gardena Combisystem Spring Wire Rake 5
    G3112 Gardena Combisystem Hoe 14cm 5
    G3135 Gardena Combisystem Cultivator 5
    G3177 Gardena Combisystem Rake 30cm 5
    G3179 Gardena Combisystem Rake 41cm 5
    G3501 Gardena Combisystem Tool Rack/ Holder 5
    G3651 Gardena Combisystem Gutter Cleaner 5
    G3713 Gardena Combisystem Aluminium Handle 130 10
    G3219 Gardena Combisystem Garden Hoe 3 Teeth 5
    G3622 Gardena Combisystem Road Broom 5
    G3634 Gardena Combisystem Angle Broom 5
    G8970 Gardena Balcony Box 2
    G3518-20 Gardena Weed Puller 4

    • 6 Pre-set spray patterns
    • Soft grip handle
    • Water saving self closing trigger
    • 12mm Plastic sprinkler adaptor
    • 1 Year Guarantee 


    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    H2114 Plastic 7 Function Gun 16
    H2815 Plastic Adjustable Pistol 18
    H4314 Spray Wand Aluminium Multi Funct 750mm 1

    Keeps your garden hose tidy
    High side walls
    Hangs 20M of 12mm garden hose
    Mount to any wall or fence
    Keyslot style mounting holes
    1 Year warranty Full colour retail packaging. (Barcoded)

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    HHB2710 Plastic Hose Hanger 10
    G18500 Hose Trolley AquaRoll S 40M 13mm 25M 19m 1
    G18541-20 CleverRoll M Metal Hose Trolley 13/60M 2
    G756-20 Classic roll-fix Flat Hose 15M Cassette 1

    Heavy Duty Holman Metal Traveling Sprinkler also know as a Garden Tractor. Great for those larger lawn areas. Can travel up to 60m and will cover an area of 1100m2.
    Heavy duty cast iron construction.
    Front wheel travels the path of the garden hose.
    Stops automatically.
    2 speed gear box.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    H7700 Metal Travelling Tractor Sprinkler 2

    1/4" BSP Male to 3/4 " BSP  Female and 1 1/16" American Female

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NTS200 Brass Bush ¼ BSP M x ¾ BSP F 10
    NTW1 Washer ¼ Tap 12
    NTGA21 Hose Hanger Brown 5
    NTNL0 12mm Washer & O’Ring Repair Kit 20
    NTNL00 18mm Washer & O’Ring Repair Kit 10
    Plastic Optiflow Jumbo two way coupling made for joining 12mm hose to 18mm hose. Snap on fittings make ease of use
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    RXJUMCONECT OptiFlow Jumbo Hose Connector 18mm 24
    RXJUMCOUP OptiFlow Jumbo Hose Coupler 18mm 24
    RXJUMHOSESET OptiFlow Jumbo Basic Hose Set 18mm 10
    RXJUMNOZZ OptiFlow Jumbo Adjustable Nozzle 18mm 24
    RXJUMREDUCE OptiFlow Jumbo Hose Coupler Red. 18-12mm 24
    RXJUMSADT OptiFlow Jumbo Sprinkler Adaptor 18mm 24
    RXJUMTAP18 OptiFlow Universal Tap Adaptor 18mm 24mm 24

    Quick and easy to install
    Dual scale measures 150mm and 6inches
    Square base for easy cleaning
    Easy to read with raised graduations
    Tough UV stabilized for longer life

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    RMAX150 Rain Gauge 150ml 10
    RMAX280 Rain Gauge 280ml 10
    RMAX90 Rain Gauge 90ml 20

    UV Stabilised Trigger Gun
    great for all gardening applications

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    RXCONECT12 Hose Fitting carded 12mm Hose Connector 12
    RXCONECT18 Hose Fitting carded 18mm Hose Connector 12
    RXCOUP12 Hose Fitting carded 2 End Coupler 20
    RXGUN Hose Fitting carded Trigger Gun 12
    RXHOSESET12 Hose Fitting carded 12mm Basic Hose Set 10
    RXNOZZ Hose Fitting carded Adj Hose Nozzle 12mm 12
    RXREPAIR12 Hose Fitting carded 12mm Hose Repairer 12
    RXREPAIR18 Hose Fitting carded 18mm Hose Repairer 12
    RXSSADT34 Hose Fitting 3/4 BSP Sprinkler Adaptor 20
    RXTAPN1 Hose Fitting carded 3/4 x 1 Tap Adaptor 12