High quality USA replacement hickory handle

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    HHICKAXE800 Hickory Axe Handle 800mm 5
    HHICKSLEDGE750 Hickory Sledge Hammer Handle 750mm 5
    HHICKSLEDGE900 Hickory Sledge Hammer Handle 900mm 5

    300 mm hardwood timber replacement engineers hammer handle.

    Popular, best seller handle
    Range from 200 - 500 mm length
    Durable and resilient quality timber for striking tool use
    Ergonomic design for comfortable grip and swing - minimises effort of user

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    HDEESB Metal D Single Bend Handle 5
    HDEESTR Metal D Straight Taper Handle 5
    HEHAM250 Engineer Hammer Handle 250mm 5
    HEHAM300 Engineer Hammer Handle 300mm 5
    HEHAM350 Engineer Hammer Handle 350mm 5
    HEHAM400 Engineer Hammer Handle 400mm 5
    HHATCH Hatchet Handle 380mm 5
    HHOE321350 Chipping Hoe Handle 32 x 1350mm 5
    HHOE441350 Burr Hoe Handle 44 x 1350mm 5
    HHOE441500 Chipping Hoe Handle 44 x 1500mm 5
    HADZE Adze Handle 810mm 5
    HAXE600 Axe Handle 600mm 5
    HAXE700 Axe Handle 700mm 5
    HAXE800 Axe Handle 800mm 5
    HBHOOK Brush Hook Handle 900mm 5
    HCHAM Claw Hammer Handle 350mm 5
    HMASH Club/Mash Handle 250mm 5
    HMINER Miner Pick Handle 810mm 5
    HPICK Pick / Mattock Handle 900mm 5
    HRAKE150025 Rake Handle 1500 x 25mm 5
    HRAKE150029 Rake Handle 1500 x 29mm 5
    HRAKE180025 Rake Handle 1800 x 25mm 5
    HRAKE180029 Rake Handle 1800 x 29mm 5
    HRAKHOLARRY Rakho / Larry Hoe Handle 1500Mm 5
    HSHOVESB Long Single Bend Handle 1300mm 5
    HSLEDBLOCK750 Sledge/Blocksplitter Handle 750mm 5
    HSLEDBLOCK900 Sledge BlockSplitter Handle 900mm 5
    HSLEDGE1050 Sledge Hammer Handle 1050mm 5
    HSLEDGE600 Sledge Hammer Handle 600mm 5
    Metal Wedge to compliment axe
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    WEDGEAXE Axe Wedge (1Pk) 5
    WEDGEHAM Hammer Wedge (2Pk) 5
    WEDGEHAT Hatchet Wedge (1Pk) 5
    WEDGESLED Sledge Wedge (2pK) 5