DUROTECH ARW is a single component water based primer used to prime concrete, masonry and fibre cement sheeting surfaces. When dry, it forms a pink sealed surface suitable for the application of water based membranes. The pink colouring generally indicates priming has been undertaken, thereby facilitating Q.A.
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    CRS4 ARW Primer 4L 4
    Protection Board is an extruded sheet consisting of two flat sheets connected by vertical ribs. Made from polypropylene copolymer, it has physical durability and chemical resistant properties. It is available in black and is UV stable.
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    CORFLUTE18 Corflute Board 1.8M x 2.5mm x 1.2M Black 100
    CORFLUTE24 Corflute Board 2.4M x 2.5mm x 1.2M Black 100
    DURO MASTICâ„¢ ACS is a liquid applied acrylic membrane which, when reinforced and fully cured, forms a flexible waterproof lining for showers and other wet areas. DURO MASTICâ„¢ ACS forms a waterproof lining to most building materials including reinforced concrete, cement render, water resistant plasterboard and fibre cement sheet flooring etc. The surface must be firmly fixed to manufacturers directions, free of protrusions, dirt, oil and other contaminants and surface must be dry
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    DURAM15 Duromastic Acs Grey15L Acrylic Membrane 1
    DURAM4 Duromastic Acs Grey 4L 4
    FOR RETAINING WALLS & PLANTER BOXES DURO MASTIC BLW is a liquid applied, latex modified bituminous elastomeric waterproofing membrane which, when fully cured, forms a permanently flexible waterproof lining to most building surfaces including reinforced concrete, block work, brick work and cement render.
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    DURABLW15 Duromastic BLW Black 15L 1
    Fiberglass is a fiber reinforced polymer made of a plastic matrix reinforced by fine fibers of glass. Fiberglass is a lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material.
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    FGMATROLL Fibreglass Strand Matting 1000mm X 130M 1
    FGMAT150 Fibreglass Strand Matting 150mm X 130M 7
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    FR10 Foam Backing Rod 10mm x 250M 5
    FR1050 Foam Backing Rod 10mm x 50M 30
    FR1350 Foam Backing Rod 13mm x 50M 18
    FR1550 Foam Backing Rod 15mm x 50M 12
    FR2050 Foam Backing Rod 20mm x 50M 7
    FR2550 Foam Backing Rod 25mm x 50M 4
    FR3050 Foam Backing Rod 30mm x 50M 3
    FR40 Foam Backing Rod 40mm x 2M 80
    FR50 Foam Backing Rod 50mm x 2M 50
    Open weave polyester reinforcing fabric for the use of reinforcing waterproofing membranes. Polyfab is a non woven, Open weave, rot proof polyester reinforcing fabric for use in conjunction with liquid waterproofing membranes. It is easier to wet out as it possesses superior flexibility to materials such as fibreglass. It also: Bridges gaps Strengthens membranes by increasing tensile strength and puncture resistance Flexible Easy to wet out Outstanding conformability High grab tensile strength Areas of Use Gutters Roof Areas Flashings Cracks in substrates
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    PFAB100 Polyfab Sontara 100mm X 10M 10
    PFAB10050 Polyfab Sontara 100mm X 50M 10
    PFAB1210 Polyfab Sontara 1200mm X 10M 10
    PFAB1250 Polyfab Sontara 1200mm X 50M 10
    PFAB150 Polyfab Sontara 150mm X 10M 10
    PFAB15050 Polyfab Sontara 150mm X 50M 10
    PFAB200 Polyfab Sontara 200mm X 10M 10
    PFAB20050 Polyfab Sontara 200mm X 50M 10