DektiteĀ® EZi-Sealā„¢ features a revolutionary closed-cell foam gasket which is nonabsorbant and non-porous. It hugs the roof line to provide a watertight seal without the need for silicone.
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    DFE5-55EZC Dektite EziSeal 5-55mm 5
    DFE50-120EZC Dektite EziSeal 50-120mm 5
    DFE50-70EZC Dektite EziSeal 50-70mm 5

    • Square base will cover a larger opening.
    • Conforms with and follows all roof profiles
    • Wider cone sizes means each Dektite will cover a larger range of penetration diameters
    • Paintable With 100% High Gloss Acrylic Paint
    • Suitable for Flues and Chimneys, handles temperatures from -50°C (-112°F) to 115°C (239°F) & up to 150°C (302°F) intermittently
    • 20 year warranty.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    DEKB8 Dektite Black No.8 170-355mm 5
    DEKB9 Dektite Black No.9 230-508mm 5
    DEKG3 Dektite Grey No.3 5-127mm 15
    DEKG4 Dektite Grey No.4 75-175mm 10
    DEKG5 Dektite Grey No.5 100-200mm 10
    DEKG7 Dektite Grey No.7 150-300mm 10
    DEKG8 Dektite Grey No.8 170-355mm 5
    DEKR3 Dektite Red No.3 5-127mm 15
    DEKR4 Dektite Red No.4 75-175mm 10
    DEKR5 Dektite Red No.5 100-200mm 10
    DEKR6 Dektite Red No.6 125-230mm 10
    DEKR7 Dektite Red No.7 150-300mm 10
    DEKR8 Dektite Red No.8 170-355mm 5
    DEKB7 Dektite Black No.7 150-300mm 10
    DEKB0 Dektite Black Mini 0 35MM 20
    DEKB1 Dektite Black No.1 5-55mm 20
    DEKB2 Dektite Black No.2 50-70mm 15
    DEKB3 Dektite Black No.3 5-127mm 15
    DEKB4 Dektite Black No.4 75-175mm 10
    DEKB5 Dektite Black No.5 100-200mm 10
    DEKB6 Dektite Black No.6 125-230mm 10
    DEKR9 Dektite Red No.9 230-508mm 5
    DEKG6 Dektite Grey No.6 125-230mm 5
    DEKRF802B Dektite Retrofit Flashing 80-185mm n/a