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    CY660597 Cyclone Fruit & Floral Snips 12
    A pocket-sized folding blade mini-saw for light trimming jobs. Hard chromed 160mm shark tooth cutting blade, safety blade lock and sturdy, ergonomic grip reduces fatigue.
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    CY656729 Cyclone Folding Saw 160mm 10
    With its extra length waxed timber handle this 3 tine hay fork has been designed for lifting and spreading hay and light farm fodder. A forged head from high carbon steel.
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    CY630729 Cyclone Fork Hay 3 Tine Long Handle 3
    CY630859 Cyclone Fork Manure 4 Tine Long Handle 3
    A general purpose fork used for digging, tilling and breaking up soil ready for further preparation. Suitable for mixing compost, fertilisers and aerating lawns.
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    CY630408 Cyclone Fork Garden Poly D Handle 3
    CY630415 Cyclone Fork Garden Galvanised D Handle 3
    CY630644 Cyclone Fork Cottage Poly D Handle 3
    Heavy duty fork with wide, dished head, designed for moving light material such as mulch and bark. Short handle for close work.
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    CY630866 Cyclone Fork Coke/Bark 10 Tine Galv DH 3
    CY630873 Cyclone Fork Stone 10 Tine Galv DH 3
    The Garden Sieve breaks up and grades soil for potting and planting.
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    CYSIEVE Cyclone Garden Sieve 406 mm Diameter 6
    For the kitchen and garden. Have a total length of 180 mm. Gardena Schnipp Schnapp all-purpose scissors with rust-free, dishwasher safe blades. They pleasant-to-use and handy all-purpose scissors. Perfectly suited for use in the kitchen and garden and ideal as secateurs for cutting flowers, herbs, cord, florist wire, cardboard and plastic. The specially ground stainless steel blades are rust-free. They are food-safe and will not affect the smell or taste of the food. The ergonomic design and the handles with soft components allow comfortable handling. These bypass scissors are suitable for both left- and right-handed people and since both blade and counter blade penetrate simultaneously this results in a clean cut which is less harmful to the plants. The soft components on the handles guarantee a secure grip whilst reducing fatigue. They are made in Germany and come with a 25-year warranty.
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    NXG8704 Scissors Multi Purpose H/D Metal Schnipp 10
    G8738 Gardena Combisystem Garden Saw 6
    G3099 Gardena Combisystem Plastic Adj Rake 5
    G3100 Gardena Combisystem Spring Wire Rake 5
    G3112 Gardena Combisystem Hoe 14cm 5
    G3135 Gardena Combisystem Cultivator 5
    G3177 Gardena Combisystem Rake 30cm 5
    G3179 Gardena Combisystem Rake 41cm 5
    G3501 Gardena Combisystem Tool Rack/ Holder 5
    G3651 Gardena Combisystem Gutter Cleaner 5
    G3713 Gardena Combisystem Aluminium Handle 130 10
    G3219 Gardena Combisystem Garden Hoe 3 Teeth 5
    G3622 Gardena Combisystem Road Broom 5
    G3634 Gardena Combisystem Angle Broom 5
    G8970 Gardena Balcony Box 2
    A lightweight aluminium shovel for shifting and loading light materials. Ideal for shovelling grain, ash and wood shavings. Short timber dee handle for close work Lifetime Guarantee High grade aluminium blade Anti-spark for safety Lacquer-sealed premium Australian hardwood handle prevents splintering Untreaded blade
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    CY639364 Cyclone Grain Scoop Aluminium Dee Handle 3
    CY639463 Cyclone Grain Scoop Aluminium LH 3
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    CY660467 Cyclone Handy Hedge Shears 495mm 6
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    CY660498 Cyclone Handy Bypass Lopper 410mm 6
    For splitting and trimming light wood and kindling. A fully polished one-piece, drop forged blade from high carbon steel with a durable, tube steel shaft handle with rubber grip.
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    CY603693 Cyclone Steel Shaft Hatchet 6
    KHATCHFG Bonser Hatchet Fibreglass Handle 4
  • HOES
    Also known as a Chipping Hoe, this general purpose heavy duty hoe is great for clearing, breaking up soil, cultivating and chopping weeds.
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    CY632051 Cyclone Burr Hoe Forged 135mm Long Handl 6
    CY632327 Cyclone Hoe Double Ended Long Handle 6
    CY633157 Cyclone Hoe 2 Prong Long Handle 6
    CY632389 Cyclone Swan Neck Hoe 150mm CYC2 6
    CY632334 Cyclone Mortar/Larry Hoe Long Handle CY2 6
    CY632365 Cyclone Hoe Rake Combination CYC2 6
    CY632372 Cyclone Dutch Hoe 125mm Long Handle CYC2 6
    Strong tubular steel construction with rubber grips Evenly aerates lawns by removing plugs of soil to aid water and fertiliser penetration. Roots grow deeper to withstand Summer heat and produce a hardier lawn. 3 prongs lifetime Guarantee
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    CY629761 Cyclone Lawn Aerator 6
    Designed for edging paths and walkways. This edgers sharpened, solid steel, cutting wheel is attached to a drum that rides along the curb edge – cuts all types of grass.
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    CY629280 Cyclone Rotary Disc Turf Edger Tubular S 6
    CY629600 Cyclone Star Wheel Turf Edger 6
    Suitable for raking leaves, grass clippings and weeds. Great for preparing lawns for top dressing and teasing established lawns.
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    CY636707 Cyclone Rake H/Duty Leaf Fixed 6
    CY636974 Cyclone Super Rake Aluminium Handle 6