Prevents water loss by up to 50%. Safe & easy use for all plants. Drought & frost proof your plants. Protects plants from extreme conditions.

    • Forms a protective, clear colymer film over leaves protecting them from damaging environmental conditions including heat, water loss, drying winds, sunburn, droughts, light frosts and transplant shock
    • Allows you to water less often
    • Lasts up to 90 days and is biodegradable

    • How to apply

    • Drought, Sun & Wind exposure – Water plant well and spray before stress conditions begin. Respray new growth as required and when conditions are severe.
    • Planting – Trees, Shrubs, Seedlings and Cuttings – Spray immediately following transplanting and repeat at 7 day intervals until established.
    • Transplanting – Several hours before transplanting, water plant well and spray with DroughtShield.
    • Light Frost Protection – Spray before frosts begin and repeat at 30 day intervals until danger of frost has passed.
    • For best results, spray in the cool of the day when conditions are calm.
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    YDSHIELD25 Yates Drought Shield RTU 2.5L 3
    YPATHW750 Yates Pathweeder RTU 750ml 6
    YWEEDLAWN750 Yates Weedkiller for Lawns RTU 750ml 6
    YBINDCLOV500 Yates Bindii Clover Weed Killer 500ml 6
    ZUTWEED500 Zero Ultra Tough Weedkiller 500ml Conc 6
    ZUTWEED750 Zero Ultra Tough Weedkiller 750ml RTU 6
    ZWEEDK4901 Zero Weedkiller 490 Conc 1L 6
    ZWEEDK490200 Zero Weedkiller 490 Conc 200ml 6
    ZWEEDK490500 Zero Weedkiller 490 Conc 500ml 6
    ZWEEDK750 Zero Weedkiller RTU Trigger 750ml 6
    SLASHERT750RTU Slasher Organic Weedkiller 750ml RTU 6
    SLASHERWK1 Slasher Organic Weedkiller 1L Conc 6
    SLASHERWK500 Slasher Organic Weedkiller 500ml Conc 6
    BUFFBIND250 Buffalo Pro Bindii & Clover Conc 250ml 6
    BUFFBIND2L Buffalo Pro Bindii & Clover HoseON 2L 4
    YPATHW1 Yates Pathweeder Conc. 1L 6
    YWEEDFEED4 Yates Weed N Feed 4L Hose On 4
    YGKP25 Yates Grub Kill & Protect Granular 2.5kg 4
    eco-flo gypsum is anew generation of liquid gypsum that’s super concentrated and super effective.Enriched with biochar eco-flo gypsum is the perfect claybreaker and improver of soil structure. It also reduces sodium (salt) levels and boosts calcium and sulphur levels in your soil.

    • Extremely concentrated (2L hose-on = to 80kg of powdered gypsum)
    • Fast acting due to the very small particle sizes
    • Effective claybreaker
    • Reduces sodium (salt) build-up from grey water use and saltwater pool splash
    • Doesn’t alter soil pH
    • With added biochar to help improve soil fertility and structure
    • Registered Organic (Australian Organic)
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    ECOGYP500 Eco Flo Gypsum 500ml 10
    ECOLIME2 Eco Flo Lime Hose On 2L 4
    ECOLIME500 Eco Flo Lime 500ml 10