Amgrow All Purpose Fertiliser fertiliser meets the complete nutritional requirements for all types of potted and garden plants (except natives). This balanced fertiliser with added organics will supply your plants with both quick and slow release fertiliser. This allows immediate, extended and satisfying feeding. Last up to 3 months. 500g Granular
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    CHAPF500G All Purpose Fertiliser 500gm Granular 6
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    BIOFERTFC Bio 4 SS Fertiliser Fruit Citrus 450ml 6
    BIOFERTFPB Bio 4 SS Fertiliser Flower. Plant 450ml 6
    BIOFERTIPT Bio 4 SS Indoor Plant Tonic 450ml 6
    BIOFERTLRB Bio 4 SS Lawn Rapid Boost 450ml 6
    BIOFERTVEG Bio 4 SS Fertiliser Vege Garden 450ml 6
    BIOFERTVEG75 Bio 4 Vege Garden Sample 75ml 6
    Description Amgrow Blood & Bone Based Fertiliser is a pure organic source of nitrogen and phosphorus. The slow release of these organic nutrients will provide a sustained feed for plants and help improve the quality and quantity of flowers fruit and vegetables. The organic content of blood and bone will also improve soil drainage aeration and moisture retention. The slow release and organic nature of Amgrow Blood & Bone Based Fertiliser makes it suitable for use with native plants. Use on Established Shrubs and Trees- Spread 50 grams per square metre. Flowers Vegetables – Spread 50 grams per square metre. Roses – Spread 50 grams per square metre. Lawns – Spread 100 grams per square metre. Ingredients: (N:P:K) 5.0 : 3.4 : 0 Calcium 6% Fine material % 60 Coarse material % 40
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    CHBB5K Blood & Bone Fertiliser 5kg 3
    CHBB25K Blood & Bone Fertiliser 2.5kg 12
    • Formulated for all varieties of warm season grasses such as Buffalo, Couch & Kikuyu lawns. • Contains Munns unique organic NASSA certified Weta Lawn & Garden. • The Munns Weta Lawn & Garden also slows down the release of the Buffalo Green, so your lawn is greener, longer with less mowing. • Provides a rapid result and essential nutrients and trace elements for all warm season (runner) grasses.
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    BUFFALO5 Munns Buffalo Green Fertiliser 5Kg 1
    Charlie Carp All Purpose is Australia’s natural, environmentally friendly and general-purpose fertiliser
    Our All Purpose Fertiliser is a general fertiliser that can be used on all plants and shrubs
    This natural fertiliser is made from European carp, a pest that is destroying Australian waterways. It does not contain any synthetics or harmful chemicals
    Charlie Carp All Purpose natural fertiliser is packed full of nutrients including omega 3 oils and proteins to help grow your indoor and outdoor plants, lawns and crops
    With our general fertiliser, there is no need to worry about changing which fertiliser you use on each individual plant or garden bed
    Charlie Carp can be used on whatever your garden grows.
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    CCARP1 Charlie Carp AP Fertiliser Con. 1Litre 6
    CCARP2 Charlie Carp AP Fertiliser Hose On 2.2L 4
    CCARP5 Charlie Carp AP Fertiliser Con. 5 Litre 4
    Charlie Carp Organic is the ideal natural alternative, suited to those who want to be 100% organicall the way to the table.
    Charlie Carp Organic is NASAA approved and certified, making it the ideal solution for fruit, vegetables, crops and pastures that need that NASAA certification.There is an increasing demand for organic and bio-dynamic foods and Charlie Carp offers the producers of those crops the opportunity to capitalise from the increasing demands and margins that are being achieved in these specialised areas.Charlie Carp will provide young plants with improved growth rates and therefore healthier plants this means better yields and therefore better returns.

    • Formulated to improve both the growth and quality of your commercial crop
    • Use Charlie Carp for all plants & shrubs including: Lawns, Vegetables, Flowers, Indoor Plants, Hanging Baskets, Strawberries, Palms, Orchids, Roses, Ferns, Native Shrubs, Seedlings, Herbs.
      HOW TO USE
      For the best results complete spray coverage is essential.Charlie Carp is best applied on it’s own as mixing with other products may effect performance.When temperatures exceed 32°C do not apply to foliage as leaf or fruit damage may be possible.
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    CCARPORG1 Charlie Carp Organic Seaweed 1Litre 6
    CCARPORG20 Charlie Carp Organic Seaweed 20 Litre 1
    eco-aminogro is a registered organic liquid fertiliser which promotes healthy plant growth resulting in more flowers and tastier fruit.Derived from digested marine waste it is packed full of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids that plants absorb very quickly. eco-aminogro is safe for all plants including natives.

    • rapidly absorbed by plants either as a foliar spray or when watered into the soil
    • feeds plants with a complete mix of essential nutrients, amino acids and vitamins
    • increases fruit and vegetable size and quantity
    • improves taste of fruit and produce
    • enhances flower colours
    • produces strong healthy plant growth less susceptible to pest and disease attack
    • safe for natives
    • also feeds soil microbes to help build healthier soils
    • Registered Organic (Australian Organic)
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    ECOAMINO1 Eco Aminogro 1L 6
    ECOAMINO500 Eco Aminogro 500ml 10
    eco-seaweed is a Registered Organic seaweed extract that’s 100% soluble andstimulates a range of beneficial actions including: reduced transplant shock, improved health and vigor, reduced incidence of disease, improved drought tolerance and more. So concentrated you only need a teaspoon in a 9 litre watering can!

    • 100% seaweed extract containing Ascophyllum nodosum – the most researched seaweed in the world
    • 100% seaweed extract containing Ascophyllum nodosum – the most researched seaweed in the world
    • contains over 60 vital nutrients including 12% potassium
    • 100% seaweed extract
    • 100% seaweed extract
    • no nasty preservatives or dilutants
    • stimulates strong healthy plant growthm
    • encourages root development and minimises transplant shock
    • enhances plants ability to cope with various stresses including drought, salty soils and the cold
    • extremely concentrated (100gm will treat 1,000 square metres)
    • powdered format makes it light and compact
    • 100% soluble – no clogging of spray heads or watering can rosettes
    • apply as a foliar spray or water into the soil
    • Registered Organic (Australian Organic)
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    ECOSEA100 Eco Seaweed Super Concentrate 100g 12
    ECOSEA600 Eco Seaweed Super Concentrate 600g 8
    A complete balanced fertiliser which is safe to use natives and give magnificent tasting fruit and vegetables.
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    FERTGP12 Healthy Earth Fert Gen Purpose 12kg 5
    FERTGP20 Healthy Earth Fert Gen Purpose 20kg 5
    FERTGP5 Healthy Earth Fertiliser Gen Purpose 5kg 10
    • Organic based quality lawn fertiliser that is used and recommended by professionals.. • Promotes healthy growth without extra mowing. • Can be used on all lawn varieties. • Supplies essential nutrients with trace elements. • Non-pelletised, therefore requires less watering in. • Contains Munns unique organic Weta – Lawn and Garden. • The Munns Weta-Lawn and Garden also slows down the release of the Golf Course Green, so your lawn is greener, longer with less mowing.
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    GOLFF10 Munns Golfcourse Green Fertiliser 10Kg 1
    GOLFF20 Munns Golfcourse Green Fertiliser 20Kg 50
    GOLFF25 Munns Golfcourse Green Fertiliser 2.5Kg 1
    GOLFF5 Munns Golfcourse Green Fertiliser 5Kg 1
    Grow Bio Organic Liquid Fertiliser GrowTM is a Bio Organically Sustainable liquid fertilizer, developed as an alternative to chemical fertilizers, seaweed fertilizers and other garden products. We have a vision for a healthier sustainable world free of harmful fertilizers where people have easy affordable access to naturally nutritious food GROW is our step towards a bio-organically sustainable future Delivers outstanding results every time it is applied to fruit and vegetables, lawns and herbs in fact anything. But there’s much more to fertiliser than meets the eye. Our unique liquid fertiliser has been tried and tested through 10 years of scientific research and development followed by hands-on application coupled with 5th generation farming experience. The following is general guidance for application of Grow liquid fertiliser. The details may vary slightly to suit individual production systems and yield targets. Grow the stuff that great gardens are made from – the way nature intended. Grow liquid fertiliser gives outstanding results on all fruits, veggies, lawns, trees, herbs and flowers plant and soil friendly microbes.
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    GROWFERT1 Grow Liquid Fertiliser 1 Litre 10
    GROWFERT10 Grow Liquid Fertiliser 10 Litre 1
    GROWFERT2_5 Grow Liquid Fertiliser 2.5 Litre 4
    GROWFERT20 Grow Liquid Fertiliser 20 Litre 1
    An organic, balanced fertiliser that is designed to suit all lawns, is fast acting and will also help break up heavy soils.
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    LAWN10 Healthy Earth Lawn Food 10Kg 5
    • Organic fertiliser mixture • Can be used safely on lawns, all indoor and outdoor plants including vegetables, trees, Australian natives, flowers & shrubs
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    BBONEL500 Liquid Blood & Bone 500ml 6
    BONESEA2 Liquid Blood & Bone with Seaweed 2L 6
    BONESEA500 Liquid Blood & Bone with Seaweed 500ml 6
    An organic, complete, balanced liquid fertiliser that is a powerful, commercial grade and super value for quality product. Use for watering in plants to reduce transplant shock, helps to wet water resistant soils with its added soil wetters, and will help to produce brighter flowers and bigger veges. Also is suitable for hydroponics and to use as a foliar fertiliser.
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    LFERT1 Healthy Earth Liquid Fertiliser 1 Litre 15
    LFERT20 Healthy Earth Liquid Fertiliser 20 Litre 2
    LFERT4 Healthy Earth Liquid Fertiliser 4 Litre 4
    Size: Compressed - covers up to 7m2 Martins Organic Pea Straw Mulch is 100% pea straw, compressed tightly into a bale. Pea Straw is a soil conditioner adding extra nitrogen and nutirents to your soil as it breaks down, for many months after application. Many farmers grow peas as a rotational crop to add nitrogen direct into the soil, as peas are a nitrogen fixing plant. Provides nutrients for your garden Conserves moisture Natural way to suppress weeds Martins Organic Pea Straw Mulch can be used for all types of mulching, including roses, garden beds, vegetable gardens, pots, trees and shrubs. This mulch is used as a protective barrier that assists in moisture retention, conditioning the soil and reducing weed growth. It will break down over time, adding organic matter to the soil. Martins Organic Pea Straw Mulch is a premium mulch because of the extra benefits it gives to the soil. The natural approach to controlling weeds, aid in water retention, encourage earthworm activity and protect plants root system for a healthier hardier garden
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    PSTRAW Peastraw 7kg 7m2 60