Combination Plastic Bar Chairs are used to set the reinforcing bar and mesh to the correct position when pouring concrete.
    Ideal for use in polystyrene pod slabs, slab-on-ground and swimming pools, plastic bar chairs are available in a variety of heights .
    Featuring a convenient clip on system, they are quick and easy to use and unwanted movement is eliminated.
    A full range of the most common bar chairs, manufactured from selected plastics for superior performance, tested to exceed loads of 200kg.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    PBC105110 Plastic Bar Chairs 105/110mm Pk.100 25
    PBC115120 Plastic Bar Chairs 115/120mm Pk.100 24
    PBC125130 Plastic Bar Chairs 125/130mm Pk.100 24
    PBC135140 Plastic Bar Chairs 135/140mm Pk.100 40
    PBC145150 Plastic Bar Chairs 145/150mm Pk.100 24
    PBC2540 Plastic Bar Chairs 25/40mm Pk.100 50
    PBC5065 Plastic Bar Chairs 50/65mm Pk100 Clip On 60
    PBC7590 Plastic Bar Chairs 75/90mm Pk.100 60
    PBC85100 Plastic Bar Chairs 85/100mm Pk.100 30

    Ideal for: Top reo in Suspended Decks or Beams; Thick Precast and Tilt-Up Panels; Thick Concrete Elements; All reo especially bars exceeding 16mm. All top deck spacers are combination (dual heights) 65/75mm, 90/100mm, 110/120mm, 130/140mm, 150/160mm, 170/180mm and 190/200mm.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    DCT130140 Plastic Deck Chair Top 130/140mm Pack/50 10
    DCT150160 Plastic Deck Chair Top 150/160mm Pack/50 10
    DCT170180 Plastic Deck Chair Top 170/180mm Pack/50 10
    DCB2530 Plastic Deck Chair Bottom 25/30mm Pk100 10
    DCB3540 Plastic Deck Chair Bottom 35/40mm Pk/100 10
    DCB4550 Plastic Deck Chair Bottom 45/50mm Pk/100 10
    DCT110120 Plastic Deck Chair Top 110/120mm Pack/50 10
    DCT190200 Plastic Deck Chair Top 190/200mm Pack/50 10
    DCT6575 Plastic Deck Chair Top 65/75mm Pack/50 10
    DCT90100 Plastic Deck Chair Top 90/100mm Pack/50 10
    DCTBASE Plastic Deck Chairs Base 130mm Pack/100 10
    Foundation frames are lightweight, simple to use and offer a fast and efficient system to support mesh in concrete footings. The frames are easy to assemble, with a clip that tie the top and bottom mesh together and take the place of ligatures, stirrups and bogar clips. The frames come in 3 easy to identify sizes, 150/200mm, 250/300mm, 350/400mm and can be used on 8mm, 11mm and 12mm mesh. The frames clip onto the main longitudinal wire and the cross wire of the trench mesh at 900mm intervals creating a rigid frame. 6 metre lengths can be quickly assembled in 2 minutes outside the trench for placement after the trench is prepared. The bottom layer of the mesh is supported 50mm of the ground eliminating the need for trench mesh supports or bar chairs.
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    TMFF150 Plastic Foundation Frame150mm-200mm PK25 100
    TMFF250 Plastic Foundation Frame 250-300mm PK 25 80
    TMFF350 Plastic Foundation Frame 350- 400mm PK50 40
    An fast and effective way to achieve a ridged cage for foundations.
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    TMS1508 Trench Mesh Spacer 8TM 150mm Pack 100 50
    TMS20011 Trench Mesh Spacer 11TM 200mm Pack 50 120
    TMS20012 Trench Mesh Spacer 12TM 200mm Pack 50 120
    TMS2008 Trench Mesh Spacer 8TM 200mm Pack 50 120
    TMS25011 Trench Mesh Spacer 11TM 250mm Pack 100 50
    TMS25012 Trench Mesh Spacer 12TM 250mm Pack 100 50
    TMS2508 Trench Mesh Spacer 8TM 250mm Pack 100 50
    TMS30011 Trench Mesh Spacer 11TM 300mm Pack 50 50
    TMS30012 Trench Mesh Spacer 12TM 300mm Pack 50 100
    TMS3008 Trench Mesh Spacer 8TM 300mm Pack 50 100
    TMS35011 Trench Mesh Spacer 11TM 350mm Pack 50 80
    TMS35012 Trench Mesh Spacer 12TM 350mm Pack 50 80
    TMS40011 Trench Mesh Spacer 11TM 400mm Pack 50 80
    TMS40012 Trench Mesh Spacer 12TM 400mm Pack 50 80
    TMS4008 Trench Mesh Spacer 8TM 400mm Pack 50 60
    TMS45011 Trench Mesh Spacer 11TM 450mm Pack 50 60
    TMS45012 Trench Mesh Spacer 12TM 450mm Pack 50 60
    TMS50011 Trench Mesh Spacer 11TM 500mm Pack 50 60
    TMS50012 Trench Mesh Spacer 12TM 500mm Pack 50 60
    An easy clip-on system for 8,11 and 12mm trench mesh, providing 60mm cover. (Maximum width 290mm to avoid interference with sides in narrow trenches.)
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    TMSUP Trench Mesh Supports Pack 25 120
    Bases are round metal plates, which are used to provide support for wire bar chairs on soft surfaces, which may cause the wire spacer to sink into the ground. Bases are available in either 154mm diameter to suit wire bar chairs up to 140mm in height. Bases 224mm suits wire bar chairs to 200mm in height.
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    WBCBASE Wire Bar Chair Base 154mm Dia Pack/100 10
    WBCBASEL Wire Bar Chair Base Large 224mm Pack 50 20
    Wire Bar Chairs also known as wire spacers, and are used to provide support for reinforcing mesh and bar, when laying concrete slab or formwork. The spacers legs are protected with a film of plastic preventing rust from creeping into the concrete and causing concrete cancer.
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    WBC340 Wire Bar Chair 340mm Bag 25 40
    WBC100 Wire Bar Chair 100mm Bag 100 10
    WBC110 Wire Bar Chair 110mm Bag 50 20
    WBC120 Wire Bar Chair 120mm Bag 50 20
    WBC130 Wire Bar Chair 130mm Bag 50 20
    WBC140 Wire Bar Chair 140mm Bag 50 20
    WBC150 Wire Bar Chair 150mm Bag 50 20
    WBC160 Wire Bar Chair 160mm Bag 50 20
    WBC170 Wire Bar Chair 170mm Bag 50 20
    WBC180 Wire Bar Chair 180mm Bag 50 20
    WBC190 Wire Bar Chair 190mm Bag 50 20
    WBC200 Wire Bar Chair 200mm Bag 50 20
    WBC20 Wire Bar Chair 20mm Bag 100 10
    WBC210 Wire Bar Chair 210mm Bag 50 20
    WBC220 Wire Bar Chair 220mm Bag 50 20
    WBC230 Wire Bar Chair 230mm Bag 50 20
    WBC240 Wire Bar Chair 240mm Bag 50 20
    WBC250 Wire Bar Chair 250mm Bag 50 20
    WBC25 Wire Bar Chair 25mm Bag 100 10
    WBC260 Wire Bar Chair 260mm Bag 50 20
    WBC270 Wire Bar Chair 270mm Bag 50 20
    WBC280 Wire Bar Chair 280mm Bag 25 40
    WBC290 Wire Bar Chair 290mm Bag 25 40
    WBC300 Wire Bar Chair 300mm Bag 25 40
    WBC30 Wire Bar Chair 30mm Bag 100 10
    WBC320 Wire Bar Chair 320mm Bag 25 40
    WBC360 Wire Bar Chair 360mm Bag 25 40
    WBC380 Wire Bar Chair 380mm Bag 25 40
    WBC40 Wire Bar Chair 40mm Bag 100 10
    WBC50 Wire Bar Chair 50mm Bag 100 10
    WBC65 Wire Bar Chair 65mm Bag 100 10
    WBC75 Wire Bar Chair 75mm Bag 100 10
    WBC90 Wire Bar Chair 90mm Bag 100 10