Square Mouth Shovel with spotted gum handle with metal D grip A strong durable product designed for frequent and comfortable use. Bonsers square mouth shovel handle is made from Australian spotted gum with metal D grip The timber is manufactured and locally sourced and by an Australian 100yr old family owned business. Manufactured from quality materials providing durability and strength. Trusted and long standing brand. The tool is suited to either domestic or industrial use. Specially designed for Australian conditions.
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    KPHOLETIM Bonser Post hole Shovel LH 4
    KPICKTIM Bonser Mattock Pick 4
    KRAKE Bonser Rake 14 teeth 4
    KRNDSHOVFG Bonser Round mouth Fibreglass LH 4
    KRNDSHOVTIM Bonser Round mouth Shovel LH 4
    KSHOVTIM Bonser Square mouth Shovel LH 4
    KFARMTIM Bonser Farmers friend Shovel Timber LH 4
    KMATCKTIM Bonser Mattock Cutter 4
    KDRNDSHOV Bonser Round mouth D Handle 4
    KDSHOV Bonser Square mouth Shovel D Handle 4
    KDSPADELAD Bonser ladies spade D Handle 4
    KFARMFG Bonser Farmers friend Fibreglass LH 4
    KTRENCHTIM Bonser Trenching Shovel LH 4
    KTRENCHFG Bonser Trenching Fibreglass Handle 4
    KFORK Bonser Fork Poly D Handle 4

    A classic style full circle sprinkler for small gardens. With base holes to secure into the ground (if required) Spray diameter up to 8m

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NXG971 Pyramid Sprinkler 12
    NXG8135 Sprinkler Pulse Metal / Plastic On Sled 5
    NXG8137 Sprinkler Pulse Metal / Plastic Hed Only 6
    NXG8144 Comfort Turbo Drive Sprinkler Spike 5
    G18712-20 Oscillating Sprinkler AquaZoom M 5
    G18700-20 Oscillating Sprinkler Aqua S 10
    G8897-20 Grass and Shrub Shears Set 2
    G8899-20 Handle Telescopic Swivel for hedge shear 12
    NXG2082 Polo 220 Sprinkler 10