Ready to use fly bait containing attractant
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    DYFLY Dyfly Plus fly Bait 600gm 12
    Natural alternative to poisons and pesticides Natural recipe included on instructions Effective, Great Value, Reusable.
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    ETSLUG Easy Trap Slugs & Snails 24
    eco-fungicide is a registered organic fungicide for the control of powdery mildew, black spot and rust in many plants including tomatoes, zucchini, roses, grapevines and geraniums.It attacks existing fungal infections and kills external fungal growth within minutes. eco-fungicide also leaves an invisible protective coating that prevents new spores from germinating.

    eco-fungicide is a contact spray so good coverage is essential to obtain the best results. With the concentrate product we recommend adding a little eco-oil (2ml per litre) to the mix to help the solution stick and spread evenly over the foliage. No need to add this to the Ready To use version. You can also create a two-in-one organic insecticide and fungicide by adding eco-oil at it’s regular strength (5-10ml per litre) to the eco-fungicide solution.

    • Safe for beneficial insects in the garden including bees.
    • Rapidly kills external fungal growth and spores
    • Effective on a broad range of plants
    • Economical rate (3-4gm per litre)
    • Safe to use on fruits and vegetables
    • No withholding period
    • Safe for beneficial insects and soil microbes
    • Registered Organic (Australian Organic)
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    ECOFUNG500 Eco Fungicide Concentrate 500g 6
    ECOFUNGRTU Eco Fungicide 750ml RTU 6
    eco-oil is a registered organic miticide and insecticide. It controls a range of problem insects including scale, aphids, two-spotted mite, whitefly, mealybugs and citrus leafminer. Safe for use on veggies, as well as ornamentals, with no withholding period. Spray and eat on the same day! Also safe for beneficial insects like bees, ladybeetles and earthworms.
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    ECOOIL1 Eco-Oil 1L 6
    ECOOIL250 Eco-Oil 250ml 6
    ECOOIL500 Eco-Oil 500ml 10
    ECOOILRTU Eco-Oil RTU 750ml 6
    eco-lure male Queensland fruit fly trap is anexcellent tool for monitoring fruit fly presence in your garden. It contains a wick which has been impregnated with a pheromone attractant and a non-organic insecticide.Male QLD fruit flies are attracted to the pheromone, enter the trap and are killed when they touch the wick.Hang in foliage at the beginning of the season and check regularly. When dead flies appear you’ll know flies are active and it is time to start spraying eco-naturalure to control females as well.

    eco-lure on it’s own is not sufficient to completely protect fruit which is why we recommend including eco-naturalure as part of your protection program.Replace wicks every 3 months or as required.

    • Powerful pheromone attractant is irresistible to male QLD fruit flies
    • Attracts and kills male QLD fruit flies
    • Targets only male QLD fruit fly and won’t attract beneficial insects
    • eco-lure trap will attract flies from approximately 400m
    • Not for WA as the pheromone is not attractive to Mediterranean fruit flies (Medflies).
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    ECOFLY Eco Lure Fruit Fly Trap 6
    ECOWICK Eco Lure Replacement Wick 12
    ECOCLMTRAP Eco Citrus Leaf Miner Trap 10
    eco-hydrate is a unique water saving product that draws extra moisture into the root zone of plants. Plants need up to 50% less watering and are better able to cope with drought stress and transplant shock. Perfect for seedlings, potted plants, lawns and for when you go on holidays. 100% biodegradable.

    • Plants require up to 50% less watering
    • Reduces plant stress caused by drought and transplant shock
    • Improves water penetration and retention
    • Enriched with seaweed, fulvic and amino acids for better plant health
    • Use on vegies, potted plants, garden beds and lawns
    • 100% biodegradable
    • Australian made
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    HYDRATE500 Eco Hydrate 500ml 10
    Registered Organic fruit fly bait spray for both male and female flies. Controls Queensland and Mediterranean fruit flies and has no withholding period (even if you get some on the fruit) It combines specific food-based attractants which target only fruit flies and a bacteria-derived insecticide called spinosad. Fruit flies eat the bait and are killed by the organic insecticide. Targets only fruit fly and won’t harm beneficial insects

    eco-naturalure is applied as a spot spray (entire plants and fruit do not need to be sprayed) in 30cm patches around the foliage of plants. No need to cover the whole tree or all the fruit. Must be applied weekly and after rain.

    It is very important to start protecting fruit early in the season. The aim is to kill the fruit flies before they sting the fruit and to prevent population numbers exploding later in the season. We recommend applying eco-naturalure from petal drop as flies have been shown to sting green fruit as small as a marble.

    For people fighting the QLD fruit fly (found in all the mainland eastern states) we strongly recommend you also hang an eco-lure trap. This is a very useful monitoring tool to let you know when fruit flies are active and when to start spraying. Unfortunately, the eco-lure trap does not work on the Mediterranean fruit fly found in WA.
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    ECOFFLY1 Eco Naturalure Fruit Fly 1L 6
    ECOFFLY150 Eco Naturalure Fruit Fly 150ml 12
    ECOFFLY500 Eco Naturalure Fruit Fly 500ml 6
    eco-neem is a registered organic insecticide for thecontrol of a broad range of chewing and sucking insects including: caterpillars, curl grubs, grasshoppers (wingless), aphids, mites, lawn armyworm, citrus leafminer, whitefly, mealybugs and fungus gnats in soil. It will also control sooty mould.Made from extracts of the neem tree (Azadirachtin A & B) and mixed with other plant oils to enhance it’s stability and shelf-life. Suitable for vegetables, flowers and herbs.

    • works in multiple ways with the two main actions being suppression of insect appetite (they starve to death) and restricting growth (unable to moult successfully). Plant damage stops as soon as the insect ingests eco-neem but insect death may take several days depending on their size and type.
    • eco-neem is safe for pets, birds, lizards and beneficial insects including bees. Avoid using around ponds and in aquaponics as it can be harmful to fish.
    • eco-neem is approved for use on ornamental plants only. It currently does not have approval for use on edible plants.
    • Controls a very broad range of chewing and sucking insects
    • Stabilised neem extract with a 2 year shelf-life from Date of Manufacture
    • Very concentrated and used at low rates (2-3ml/L for most pests)
    • Safe for beneficial insects including bees
    • Registered Organic (Australian Organic)
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    ECONEEM100 Eco Neem Concentrate 100ml 10
    ECONEEM250 Eco Neem Concentrate 250ml 6
    Controls Pests. Various Scale, Aphids, Whitefly, Mealy Bug, Spider Mites and Leaf Minors. For use on Citrus Trees, Roses, Flowers, Ornamentals, Grapes, Stonefruit and General Fruit Trees, also works great as a leaf shine for indoor plants.
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    PESTOIL250 Enviro Pest Oil Concentrated 250ml 6
    PESTOIL500 Enviro Pest Oil Concentrated 500ml 6
    PESTOIL750 Enviro Pest Oil RTU 750ml 6
    Suitable for all types of shrubs, flowers, vegetables & lawns Increases available nutrients in soil
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    FEMUL2 Fish Emulsion David Grays 2L 6
    FEMUL500 Fish Emulsion 500ml 12
    • For the control of fruit fly on fruit trees in the home garden • Fruit & vegetables can be picked 4 days after spraying
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    FRUIT200 Fruit Fly Garden Spray 200ml 6
    An excellent herbicide / weedkiller for killing a varity of unwanted plants or weeds. A non-selective water soluble herbicide designed for use in aquatic situations Can be used safely for weed control in aquatic environment
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    GLYPHO1 Glyphosate 360 1 Litre 6
    GLYPHO20 Glyphosate 360 20 Litre 32
    This product is a non-selective liquid herbicide effective in the control of many annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds in crop areas, land preparations and non-crop areas. This product is inactivated on contact with the soil and does not provide residual weed control. It is absorbed by the plant foliage and green stems and moves through the plant from point of contact to root system.
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    SETUP20 Glyphosate 450 20L 32
    Description Amgrows Organix Harvest is a totally natural liquid fertiliser prepared from ocean fish, Tasmanian seaweed and fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is a natural component of humus that helps plants absorb nutrients. Harvest provides natural plant nutrients, trace elements and seven growth stimulants. Liquid Fertiliser will help increase growth, improve flowering and fruiting and will assist in creating healthy soil. Ideal for vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers, and general garden use. 1L concentrate makes 200L How to use: Garden Beds: Mix 48 mL of Organix Harvest Concentrate in a watering can. (9-10 litres). Apply 1 watering can per square metre of soil area. Apply before planting and then monthly throughout the growing season. Pot Plants: Mix 48 mL of Harvest Concentrate in a watering can (9-10 litres). Ingredients: (N:P:K) 3.5: 0.6: 0.7 Plus: Calcium Magnesium Sulfur Iron Copper Zinc.
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    CHHARVEST1 Harvest- Fish & Seaweed 1 Litre 6
    CHHARVEST25 Harvest- Fish & Seaweed 2.5 Litre 6
    CHHARVEST500 Harvest- Fish & Seaweed 500ml 6
    Kleen Lawn Selective Lawn Weeder can be used to control broad leaf weeds including clover, pearlwort, chickweed, dandelion, dock, bindii and lambs toungue. Can be used on Couch, Bent and Kikuyu lawns . Not suitable for Buffalo lawns. Contains contact and systemic herbicides.
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    CHKLL250M Kleen Lawn 250ml 6
    CHKLL500M Kleen Lawn 500ml 6