Natural bamboo canes are a strong and hardy material which is widely used around the garden especially for plant and tree guard supports.
    Bamboo Stakes are a cost effective alternative to hardwood stakes for small to medium sized plants
    Smooth and non abrasive
    Natural in colour and available in variety of thickness"s and length.

    Bulk pack for those large projects.

    pack 150

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    BAMB12010 Bamboo Stakes 120cm x 10/12mm pk500 500
    BAMB15012 Bamboo Stakes 150cm x 12/14mm PK 150 150
    BAMB15016 Bamboo Stakes 150cm x 16/18mm PK100 200
    BAMB18012 Bamboo Stakes 180cm x 12/14mm PK 150 150
    BAMB18020 Bamboo Stakes 180cm x 20/22mm pk50 50
    BAMB24020 Bamboo Stakes 240cm x 20/22mm PK 50 100
    BAMB30024 Bamboo Stakes 300cm x 24/26mm PK50 50
    BAMB456 Bamboo Stakes 45cm x 6/8mm PK1000 1000
    BAMB6010 Bamboo Stakes 60cm x 10/12mm PK500 250
    BAMB606 Bamboo Stakes 60cm x 6/8mm PK1000 1000
    BAMB608 Bamboo Stakes 60cm x 8/10mm Pk 500 1
    BAMB7510 Bamboo Stakes 75cm x 10/12mm Pk 500 500
    BAMB758 Bamboo Stakes 75cm x 8/10mm PK 500 500
    BAMB9010 Bamboo Stakes 90cm x 10/12mm PK500 250
    BAMB908 Bamboo Stakes 90cm x 8/10mm PK 500 500