NETA FANJET SPIKE SPRINKLER Popular and economical half-circle sprays.
    Spray coverage up to 2.6m radius.
    Connects to 12mm click-on fittings.
    Discharge at 175kPa is 11Lpm.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NTNLS92B FanJet Spike Spray 12mm Click On 6
    NTSS8202A Fountain Sprinkler Carded 5
    NTSSC10 Metal Oscillating Sprinkler 16 Jet 6
    NTST400 Jumbo Nozzle ¾ BSP 6
    NTBUNIT3P Brass 3 Way Tap 25mm 5
    NTSM1010 Impulse Sprinkler On Wheel Base 10
    NTSB6200 Stratus Butterfly Sprinkler 4

    The GARDENA Maxi-Flo Tap Nut Adaptor is ideal in connection with longer hoses or for use with pumps.
    It creates the connection between the hose connected by a hose connector and the tap. The Maxi-Flo Tap Nut Adaptor is simply screwed onto the tap.
    It fits a tap with 3/4

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NXG2801 Tap Nut Adaptor 12mm Maxi Flo 5
    NXG2802 Tap Nut Adaptor 18mm Maxi Flo 5
    NXG2816 Hose Connector Tail 18mm Maxi Flo 10
    NXG2818 Adjustable Jet Nozzle Maxi Flo 5
    NXG2819 Hose Connect 18mm Control Valve MaxiFlo 10
    NXG2821 ¾ BSP Adaptor Maxi Flo 5
    NXG2830 Reducing Coupling 18mm to 12mm Maxi Flo 5
    NXG2831 Hose Coupling Maxi Flo 5
    NXG2833 Three Way Union 18mm Maxi Flo 6
    NXG2834 Three Way Union 18mm to 12mm Maxi Flo 5
    NXG2840 MaxiFlo Washer Replacement Kit 10
    NXG2847 MaxiFlow Spray Nozzle 4
    NXG2850 MaxiFlo Basic Hose set 12mm & 18mm Taps 5
    NXG941 Adjustable Jet Nozzle 10
    G18311 Trigger Gun Classic Soft Spray/Flow Cont 5
    G18301-20 Gardena Trigger Gun Nozzle 5
    G18332-25 Gardena Classic Adj Spray Wand 75cm 5
    G18334-25 Gardena Comfort Spray Wand 90cm 5
    G18323 Gardena Comfort Cleaning Sprayer 5
    G18336 Gardena Premium Spray Wand 6

    1/4" BSP Male to 3/4 " BSP  Female and 1 1/16" American Female

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NTS200 Brass Bush ¼ BSP M x ¾ BSP F 10
    NTW1 Washer ¼ Tap 12
    NTGA21 Hose Hanger Brown 5
    NTNL0 12mm Washer & O’Ring Repair Kit 20
    NTNL00 18mm Washer & O’Ring Repair Kit 10
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    PWJ2185 Opti-Flow 18mm Sprinkler Adaptor 10

    A classic style full circle sprinkler for small gardens. With base holes to secure into the ground (if required) Spray diameter up to 8m

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NXG971 Pyramid Sprinkler 12
    NXG8135 Sprinkler Pulse Metal / Plastic On Sled 5
    NXG8137 Sprinkler Pulse Metal / Plastic Hed Only 6
    NXG8144 Comfort Turbo Drive Sprinkler Spike 5
    G18712-20 Oscillating Sprinkler AquaZoom M 5
    G18700-20 Oscillating Sprinkler Aqua S 10
    G8897-20 Grass and Shrub Shears Set 2
    G8899-20 Handle Telescopic Swivel for hedge shear 12
    NXG2082 Polo 220 Sprinkler 10

    15mm (1/2″ bsp) male thread fits onto sprinkler base, spike or riser
    Durable diecast metal and stainless steel construction
    Deflector ensures even water distribution
    Full or part circle adjustment

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    H7001 Metal Impact Sprinkler on Metal Spike 10
    H7003 Metal Butterfly Sprinkler on Metal Spike 10
    H7111 Metal Impact Sprinkler on Wheel Base 5
    H7450 Large Shaker Sprinkler On Weighted Base 6
    HPW4825 4 Function Plastic Spray Gun 10
    HSH2100C Plastic Impulse Sprinkler Head Carded 12
    HSH2110C Metal Impulse Sprinkler Head Carded 12
    HSH2200 Full Circle Metal Sprinkler 12
    HSH2500 Plastic Pyramid Sprinkler 10

    The GARDENA Water Timer is attached to the tap and automatically switches off irrigation of your garden, e.g. sprinklers or a drip irrigation system like the Micro-Drip-System.
    Watering times from five to 120 minutes can be programmed.
    The Water Timer starts irrigation immediately and stops the water flow automatically at the time programmed.
    For random water retrieval, it can also be set to permanent water flow.
    A battery is not required for operation.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NXG1169 2hr Mechanical Water Timer 4
    NXG939 Twin Tap Connector for 3/4 & 1 inch Taps 10
    NXG8193 Twin Tap Connector for 3/4 & 1 inch Taps 4
    NXG8194 Multiflow Adaptor for 12mm/18mm Taps 2
    NXG1188 Soil Moisture Sensor 2
    NXG1189 Rain Sensor 2
    NXG1197 Water Distributor Auto 6 Way 2
    NXG1830 Water Timer T1030 Card Reader 2
    NXG1864 Water Computer Master Control 2
    NXG1890-20 Flex Water Computer 2
    NXG1891-20 Select Water Computer 2
    NXG1892-20 Master Water Computer 2