Nothing rivals the elegance and durability of Neta brass fittings. Designed in Australia and manufactured to Neta’s high standards. All fittings have quality leak proof connections and an easy grip. Brass is the perfect choice for those gardeners who want fittings that will last and are indestructible.
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NTA114 Director 12mm Hose ¾ BSP 6
    NTA14 Screw Tap 12mm Hose 20mm Tap 6
    NTA234 Plain Tap 12mm Hose ½ Tap 6
    NTA2384 Plain Tap 12mm Hose 5/8 Tap 10
    NTA34 Hose Repairer 12mm Hose 6
    NTA54 Screw Tap 12mm Hose 25mm Tap 6
    NTB145 Screw Tap 18mm Hose 20mm Tap 6
    NTB15 Screw Tap 18mm Hose 25mm Tap 6
    NTB35 Hose Repairer 18mm Hose 6
    NTB95 Director 18mm Hose ¾ BSP 6
    No-rust aluminium hanger which can be easily fixed to walls, fences or posts for tidy storage
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NTS200 Brass Bush ¼ BSP M x ¾ BSP F 10
    NTW1 Washer ¼ Tap 12
    NTW2 Washer ¾ Tap 12
    NTGA21 Hose Hanger Brown 5
    NTNL0 12mm Washer & O’Ring Repair Kit 20
    NTNL00 18mm Washer & O’Ring Repair Kit 10
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    PWJ2110 Opti-Flow Hose Repairer 18mm 10
    PWJ2185 Opti-Flow 18mm Sprinkler Adaptor 10
    PWJ4710 Opti-Flow Adj. Nozzle 18mm 10
    PWJ9021 Opti-Flow Hose Coupler 2 Way 18mm 10
    Large Shaker on Weighted Sprinkler Base • Full Circle Low volume sprinkler • Ideal for Low & Normal pressure • Provides even water distribution
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    H7001 Metal Impact Sprinkler on Metal Spike 10
    H7003 Metal Butterfly Sprinkler on Metal Spike 10
    H7111 Metal Impact Sprinkler on Wheel Base 5
    H7450 Large Shaker Sprinkler On Weighted Base 6
    HPW4825 4 Function Plastic Spray Gun 10
    HSH2100C Plastic Impulse Sprinkler Head Carded 12
    HSH2110C Metal Impulse Sprinkler Head Carded 12
    HSH2200 Full Circle Metal Sprinkler 12
    HSH2500 Plastic Pyramid Sprinkler 10
    Gardena Cost-favourable automatic irrigation By using Gardena water control systems your garden irrigation is under control whereever you are.
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    NXG1169 2hr Mechanical Water Timer 4
    NXG939 Twin Tap for 18mm Taps 10
    NXG8193 Maxi Flow Twin Tap Connector 4
    NXG8194 Multiflow Adaptor for 12mm/18mm Taps 2
    NXG1188 Soil Moisture Sensor 2
    NXG1189 Rain Sensor 2
    NXG1197 Water Distributor Auto 6 Way 2
    NXG1830 Water Timer T1030 Card Reader 2
    NXG1864 Water Computer Master Control 2
    NXG1862 Water Computer C1030 Calendar Function 2
    NXG1890-20 Flex Water Computer 2
    NXG1891-20 Select Water Computer 2
    NXG1892-20 Master Water Computer 2