The 12L Hills Knapsack Sprayer it a great knapsack sprayer for aroung the home Garden.
    Padded straps for enhanced comfort makes it very Comfortable, also a moulded pump handle and Ergonomic trigger handle provides easy grip.
    Comes complete with Single and dual, multi-directional Adjustable nozzles
    Tough, U.V.-stabilised bottle
    3 year guarantee.
    12 Litre.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    HGSPRAY12 Hills Garden Sprayer 12 Litre Back Pack 2
    HGSPRAY2 Hills Garden Sprayer 2 Litre 6
    HGSPRAY500 Hills Garden Sprayer 500ml Trigger 24
    HISPRAY5 Hills Heavy Duty Sprayer 5L 6
    HISPRAY8 Hills Heavy Duty Sprayer 8L 1
    GSPRAY5 Hills Garden Sprayer 5L 4
    GSPRAY8 Hills Garden Sprayer 8L 4

    •Available in square or round end 
    •Powder coated or Galvanised
    •Used for hanging pot plants,chimes,bird feeders, multi uses 
     Easy to install over a rafter without permanent mounting

     Gal pk 10

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    HOOKR100 Pergola Hook Round Gal 100mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKR150 Pergola Hook Round Gal 150mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKR225 Pergola Hook Round Gal 225mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKR300 Pergola Hook Round Gal 300mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKR450 Pergola Hook Round Gal 450mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKR600 Pergola Hook Round Gal 600mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKR750 Pergola Hook Round Gal 750mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKR900 Pergola Hook Round Gal 900mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKRC100 Pergola Hook Round Green 100mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKRC150 Pergola Hook Round Green 150mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKRC225 Pergola Hook Round Green 225mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKRC300 Pergola Hook Round Green 300mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKRC450 Pergola Hook Round Green 450mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKRC600 Pergola Hook Round Green 600mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKRC750 Pergola Hook Round Green 750mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKRC900 Pergola Hook Round Green 900mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKS100 Pergola Hook Square Gal 100mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKS150 Pergola Hook Square Gal 150mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKS225 Pergola Hook Square Gal 225mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKS300 Pergola Hook Square Gal 300mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKS450 Pergola Hook Square Gal 450mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKS600 Pergola Hook Square Gal 600mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKS750 Pergola Hook Square Gal 750mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKS900 Pergola Hook Square Gal 900mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKSC100 Pergola Hook Square Green 100mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKSC150 Pergola Hook Square Green 150mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKSC225 Pergola Hook Square Green 225mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKSC300 Pergola Hook Square Green 300mm Pack/10 20
    HOOKSC450 Pergola Hook Square Green 450mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKSC600 Pergola Hook Square Green 600mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKSC750 Pergola Hook Square Green 750mm Pack/10 10
    HOOKSC900 Pergola Hook Square Green 900mm Pack/10 10
    Selleys Wash Up Wiz is a revolutionary scourer that cuts through tough dirt without scratching. Outlasts ordinary scourers Rinses clean – never clogs suitable for: Teflon Silverstone Corningware Pyrex Glassware, ceramics, enamel, stainless steel, tupperware Benchtops & splashbacks Greasy ovens & stoves BBQ grills Hotplates & appliances Sinks, tubs, furniture & vanities Washing dishes Do not use on extremely hot objects Some soft plastics, painted surfaces, soft metals eg aluminium, copper, or very glossy surfaces may scratch or dull
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    SYWIZ Wash Up Wiz Cleaning Scourer 12