Timber Seal Plus is a timber sealant for rough sawn timber such as boardwalks and jetties.
    Ideal for environmentally sensitive areas (waterways and wetlands)
    Extends the life of timber
    Prevents drying, splitting and end grain swelling
    Corrosion protection for metal fittings and fastenings
    Protects against wood rot
    Coverage Guide
    Approx 5-6m² / Litre
    Coverage rate will depend on age and type of timber

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    LTIMPLUS20 Timber Seal Plus 20Litre 1
    LTIMSEAL20 Lanotec Timber Seal 20 Litre 2
    LTIMSEAL5 Lanotec Timber Seal 5 Litre 4

    Light Industrial Type A Grease
    Pure natural lanolin, a unique natural substance produced by sheep to form a coating on wool  

    A certified food grade lubricant grease.

    1 Litre

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    LGREASE1 Type A Grease 1 Litre 12
    LGREASE20 Type A Grease 20 Litre 1
    LGREASE235 Type A Grease 235ml 12
    LGREASE4 Type A Grease 4 Litre 4
    LGREASE500 Type A Grease 500ml 12
  • WD40 3 IN 1

    A versatile, easy-to-use product that helps to keep workshops, vehicles, electronics or households clear of dust and other materials. With 70 PSI it offers consistent pressure.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    WD3IN1AD WD 40 3in1 Air Duster 350g 6
    WD3IN1APCD WD 40 3in1 Cleaner & Degreaser 300g 6
    WD3IN1GD WD 40 3in1 Garage Door Lubricant 300g 6
    WD3IN1LL WD 40 3in1 Lock Lubricant 150g 6
    WD3IN1SS WD 40 3in1 Silicone Spray Lubricant 300g 6
    WD3IN1LG WD 40 3in1 White Lithium Grease 300g 6

    WD40 protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces
    moisture, and lubricates just about anything. WD40 is also great when it comes to
    cleaning grease, grime and other marks from most surfaces.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    WD40150 WD 40 Co2 Propellant 150gm Aerosol 12
    WD4020 WD 40 Co2 Propellant 20L Drum 3
    WD40300 WD 40 Co2 Propellant 300gm Aerosol 12
    WD404 WD 40 Co2 Propellant 4L Container 4
    WD4060 WD 40 Co2 Propellant 60gm Handy Aerosol 12
    WD40SA WD 40 Spray Applicator Only 12

    This Anti Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant provides enhanced lubrication, leaving a clear dry film that won’t attract dirt, dust or oil. It’s quick drying and also great as a mould release agent. This product can be used on metal, plastic and glass.

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    WD40AF Anti Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant 150g 6
    WD40HPSL High Performance Silicone Lubricant 300g 6
    WDPCARF No Vac Fresh 418g 6
    WDCARFP No Vac Fresh Pet 290g 6
    WDPCARFPP No Vac Fresh Pet Plus 418g 6
    WDCARGB No Vac Garden Breeze 290g 6
    WDCARPV No Vac Sheer Vanilla Orchid 290g 6
    WDDRIP88 WD 40 Drip Oil 88ml 12
    WD40CD WD 40 Fast Acting Citrus Degreaser 400g 6
    WD40CC WD 40 Fast Drying Contact Cleaner 290g 6
    WD40HPLG WD 40 High Perform Lithium Grease 300g 6

    Looking for a streak-free shine? Try Windex Glass - guaranteeing a perfect streak-free shine every time. Windex Glass is perfect for mirrors, chrome, plastic, stainless steel, and more.
    Perfect for windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces
    Wont streak or mark surfaces
    Available in convenient 500ml Trigger & Refill packs

    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    WINDEX5 Windex 5L 2
    WINDEX500 Windex 500ml RTU Spray 6
    WINDEX750 Windex 750ml RTU Spray 6