Eye & Eye turnbuckle are strong and sturdy and designed for use with cables, ropes and chains. It is galvanised to ensure rust resistance and extended outdoor use. Turnbuckles are used to tension wires or ropes in their desired application. Used to tension cables, ropes and chains by turning the body of the buckle.
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    AP71065 Turn Buckle Eye & Eye 25mm Galvanised 10
    AP71061 Turn Buckle Eye & Eye 10mm Galvanised 10
    AP71062 Turn Buckle Eye & Eye 12mm Galvanised 5
    AP71063 Turn Buckle Eye & Eye 16mm Galvanised 5
    AP71064 Turn Buckle Eye & Eye 20mm Galvanised 10
    AP71059 Turn Buckle Eye & Eye 6mm Galvanised 10
    AP71060 Turn Buckle Eye & Eye 8mm Galvanised 10
    Turnbuckles Hook & Eye are strong and sturdy, ideal to tension wires or ropes in their desired application. This 6mm, hook and eye pattern model is galvanised for rust protection, Galvanised for extended outdoor use By turning the body of the buckle it gives Tension to cables, ropes and chains 6mm x 5 piece
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    AP71054 Turn Buckle Hook & Eye 12mm Galvanised 5
    AP71055 Turn Buckle Hook & Eye 16mm Galvanised 5
    AP71053 Turn Buckle Hook & Eye 10mm Galvanised 10
    AP71057 Turn Buckle Hook & Eye 25mm Galvanised 10
    AP71051 Turn Buckle Hook & Eye 6mm Galvanised 10
    AP71052 Turn Buckle Hook & Eye 8mm Galvanised 10
    Trade quality worm drive hose clamps pack of 10 To suit outer hose size 11mm to 16mm. Ideal for air hose line connection general pipe hoses Screw tighten to adjust size
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    CLAMPSS4 Hose Clamp SS 11.5mm Range6mm-16mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS40 Hose Clamp SS 12mm Range51mm-76mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS44 Hose Clamp SS 12mm Range57mm-82mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS48 Hose Clamp SS 12mm Range63mm-89mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS52 Hose Clamp SS 12mm Range70mm-95mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS56 Hose Clamp SS 12mm Range76mm-102mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS6 Hose Clamp SS 11.5mm Range6mm-22mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS7 Hose Clamp SS 11.5mm Range6mm-27mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS8 Hose Clamp SS 12mm Range14mm-27mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS20 Hose Clamp SS 12mm Range19mm-44mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS24 Hose Clamp SS 12mm Range25mm-51mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS28 Hose Clamp SS 12mm Range32mm-57mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS32 Hose Clamp SS 12mm Range38mm-63mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS36 Hose Clamp SS 12mm Range44mm-70mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF12 Hose Clamp Fixed 12mm Range14-32mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF16 Hose Clamp Fixed 12mm Range17-38mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF20 Hose Clamp Fixed 12mm Range19-44mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF24 Hose Clamp Fixed 12mm Range25-51mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF28 Hose Clamp Fixed 12mm Range32-57mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF32 Hose Clamp Fixed 12mm Range38-63mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF36 Hose Clamp Fixed 12mm Range44-70mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF4 Hose Clamp Fixed 8mm Range 6-17mmBx/10 10
    CLAMPF40 Hose Clamp Fixed 12mm Range51-76mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF44 Hose Clamp Fixed 12mm Range57-82mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF48 Hose Clamp Fixed 12mm Range63-89mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF52 Hose Clamp Fixed 12mm Range70-95mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF56 Hose Clamp Fixed12mm Range76-102mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF6 Hose Clamp Fixed 8mm Range/ 6-22mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF7 Hose Clamp Fixed 8mm Range 6-27mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPF8 Hose Clamp Fixed 12mm Range14-27mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS12 Hose Clamp SS 12mm Range14mm-32mm pk/10 10
    CLAMPSS16 Hose Clamp SS 12mm Range17mm-38mm pk/10 10
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    AP13011 Welding Gate Hinge L/H Galvanised 5
    AP13012 Welding Gate Hinge R/H Galvanised 5
    Suitable for securing loops of wire, this Zenith range of wire rope grips are designed to last. Constructed quality, strong steel, they are galvanised for extended corrosion resistance with outdoor use. Wire Rope grips is suitable for use with wire rope up to 8mm in diameter.
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    AP71036 Wire Rope Grips 3mm Galvanised 10
    AP71037 Wire Rope Grips 5mm Galvanised 10
    AP71038 Wire Rope Grips 6mm Galvanised 10
    AP71039 Wire Rope Grips 8mm Galvanised 10
    AP71040 Wire Rope Grips 10mm Galvanised 10
    AP71041 Wire Rope Grips 12mm Galvanised 10
    AP71042 Wire Rope Grips 16mm Galvanised 10
    AP71043 Wire Rope Grips 20mm Galvanised 10
    Image Code Description Pack Qty MSDS / Brochure
    AP71022 Wire Rope Thimbles 6mm 10
    AP71023 Wire Rope Thimbles 8mm 10
    AP71024 Wire Rope Thimbles 10mm 10
    AP71025 Wire Rope Thimbles 12mm 10
    AP71026 Wire Rope Thimbles 16mm 10